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Take the perfect photo for Myspace and dating sites

Preparations | Your MySpace picture | Colors that draw attention to your picture | Big no-no | Taking the photograph


First of all you need to read through the other sections about hair, make-up and attitude to get help to improve your appearance.

Use fake eye-lashes on photos. Itís difficult to make natural eye-lashes visible on a photo and you really want them to be seen. Long eye-lashes can really give you a beauty boost! (I would advice against using fakes IRL. It looks a little too unnatural and superficial.)

Things to find out before taking your picture

Before taking pictures, you need to find out a few things. Which side of your face looks best? One side always looks a little better than the other. Most people can tell from a quick look in the mirror. Some girls look best if their photo is taken right from the front. But some of us should turn our face a little to the right or to the left, whatever looks better. Very few women look their best on a photo taken entirely from the side. Also, do you look better when turning your face down looking up (cute) or turning your head up and your eyes down (a little cocky)?

Cute or cocky?

Basically, if you have Puppy Eyes, avoid turning your head up.

Find out what facial expressions suit you best. Should you smile or pout? Open or closed mouth? Open up your eyes wide for the innocent and cute look or relax the eyelids or even squint to look confident and sexy?

Innocent or confident?

Celebrities and models do this all the time! Some of them look almost exactly the same on every picture taken (Mary-Kate Olsen for example), because they have found an angle and an expression that always show them from their best side.

You have to try these different things in front of a mirror. Thereís no point guessing and taking chances, right?
If you're dissatisfied with your nose and find it prominent, go to the Nose section to get a tip on what to do.

Colors that draw attention to your picture

Itís important to work with colors! Do you want a picture with warm colors or cold colors? What makes you look best? Click here to find out if you're a Summer, Autumn, Winter or Spring.

The important thing is to have at least one little detail in your photo that shines! Think about what makes you click on other peopleís pics. It could be a rose in your hair or a charm or brooch at your cleavage. The human eye is automatically drawn to red things. If you wear for example a red t-shirt or hat, people are more likely to pay attention to you. (But not if you don't look good in red.)
If you haven't read the tips in the section about how to get more attention through clothing, it's time to do so now.

Big no-no

Donít choose a picture with you and another person on it as your profile image. First of all it gives the visitor a confused impression Ė who's who on the pic? Second, you donít seem very independent, which isnít good. You may give the impression that youíre too attached to your partner or friend. Personally I tend to ignore profile images with more than one person on them.

Taking the photograph

Make sure you take the picture in a lit-up room (or even better, outside). Dark pictures are more likely to be ignored. Make someone you trust take the photos and take lots of them, preferably with a digital camera. Chances are bigger you'll get some great photos the more you take.

Pictures taken with analog cameras are often darker and the development will cost you so you canít take as many pictures as you want. (If your pictures are too dark, find out how to lighten them up in my image editing guide.) And the best thing of all about digital cameras is that they allow you to preview the pictures.

One more thing. I think all those web cam photos out there are kind of obscure. They give the impression of a low-budget photo.